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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1Who are Cycle Accident Claims?
    Cycle Accident Claims is a dedicated division of Easy Claim Limited. We help victims of non-fault cycle accidents with their immediate accident management needs and personal injury claims.
    2How can Cycle Accident Claim help?
    We can assist you with your immediate accident management needs such as recovery, repair, or replacement of damaged bike. Our team of qualified and experienced personal injury solicitors can assist you with your personal injury claim, rehabilitation needs, and loss of earnings claim.
    3Why should I choose Cycle Accident Claims?
    With our experience and industry knowledge, we can take away the hassle and worry following an accident and get you back to normal life as soon as possible. We can guide and help you throughout the lifecycle of your claim.
    4How long will it take?
    Subject to liability decision, payment for your damaged cycle and helmet can be received within weeks from the defendant insurance company. Your claim for personal injury and other uninsured losses depends on nature and complexities of your claim.
    5Can I claim without being insured?
    Yes. If you have been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, we can help with all aspects of your claim.
    6Do I need cycle Insurance to make a claim?
    No. We can assist you with your claim without an insurance.
    7Can I still make a claim if I was hit by an uninsured driver?
    Yes. We can assist you with your claims against uninsured drivers.
    8Will I get any compensation if I was equally or partly to be blamed for the accident?
    Yes. You will receive compensation equivalent to your entitlement.
    9How much can I claim?
    There is no set amount. All claims are valued on types and seriousness of injuries suffered. You are also compensated for your damaged items, loss of earnings, medical costs, and future care if applicable.
    10Why should I use Cycle Accident Claims when I have an insurance?
    Protecting your bike with an insurance is a sensible step. However, like any other insurance policy, your claim will be subject to a policy excess and will reflect in your claim history. Loss adjustor takes into account the condition, purchase date, price paid and depreciation when valuing your cycle. So, if you are making a claim for the bike that is older than 2 years, it is highly likely, your insurance company will value your cycle significant less than the market rate. We use qualified independent assessors who use their experience and industry knowledge to provide fair market valuation. Secondly, your insurance company is not a firm of solicitors therefore can’t deal with your personal injury claim. They can refer you to their panel of solicitor firms and leave you to argue your case yourself. We operate as a one stop shop and assist clients with their accident management and personal injury claim needs. Our panel of specialist cycle accident claim solicitors strives to do their best to achieve maximum possible compensation.
    11Do I have to pay any fee to Cycle Accident Claims?
    No. We do not charge for our service if you are making a personal injury claim through our panel of solicitor firms. You will sign an agreement with the solicitor’s firm only and pay their fee.
    12Do I have to pay any fee if my claim is unsuccessful?
    All of panel of solicitor firms accept cases on No Win – No Fee basis that means you will not be charged if your claim is unsuccessful.
    13Contact Us
    Call us on 0333 6009250 to speak to one of our expert claim handlers or claim online and we will be in touch with you soon. START YOUR CLAIM NOW